Atempo Protects, Moves and Synchronizes all your data - at all times

Business continuity is all about the high availability of your IT systems which are subject to the onslaught of crypto-attacks and ransomware, human error, and machine failure. Keep your business out of deep water!

From Disaster Recovery to end-user search and restore, from bare-metal recovery to long-term retention, Atempo solutions protect your gigabyte to petabyte server and application data including massive unstructured data sets.

Backup and move large data volumes

Backup and move large data volumes


Digital Archive (ADA). Backup, migration, synchronization and archiving software for large unstructured data volumes.

Enterprise backup for physical and virtual environments

Enterprise backup for physical and virtual environments


Time Navigator. Data protection for physical and virtual servers along with critical applications.

Laptop and end-point backups

Laptop and end-point backups


Live Navigator. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Enterprise solutions for desktops, laptops and file servers.

Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) for the backup, migration, synchronization and archive of massive unstructured file data. Multi-storage vendor support and multi-destination choices: disk, object, cloud and tape. 

ADA scales from hundreds of managed terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

Atempo Time Navigator is an enterprise backup and restoration solution supporting a wide range of operating systems and applications. Efficient and easy server and application data restoration for your virtual and physical environments.


Time Navigator can help you recover your production environment by rolling back to the hours preceding the crypto-attack. Your data is never lost with Time Navigator!


Atempo Live Navigator CDP (Continuous Data Protection) protects files on desktops, laptops and file servers. Offers self-service restoration capabilities: advanced deduplication, multi-storage, multi-platform. Restore anywhere from a web browser.


Short animation on how Phil the IT guy saves the day for his boss who’s lost her critical files after a cryptovirus attack.


Atempo’s new data protection appliance range is called Backstone. All-in-one data protection appliances from 12 TB to 260 TB of inbuilt storage. An ideal on-premise solution for your data and your customers' data.

A local appliance allows you to back up and restore both rapidly and securely lost or damaged data or a stolen or broken server or laptop. And in the event of a worst case scenario -total site loss requiring full Disaster Recovery- the reconstruction of your data ecosystem can be performed from LTO tape/RDX disks or from an off-site appliance and/or the Cloud.

Backup is an extremely important topic to me. It is a fundamental feature of an information system.
I chose Atempo.
— Bruno Guibert Director of Information Systems Savoie Mont Blanc University.

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