The past decade has seen massive change for media workflows. From early digital through to HD and the current rise of 4K and 8K formats, data volumes have grown exponentially with some larger budget films already hittting 1 PB of raw data.

Storage and archives have become a central element of M&E workflows: whatever your MAM you use and wherever you store your data. Whether you’re a boutique post-production house or a broadcast media giant, Atempo-Digital Archive (ADA) scales to fit your performance and capacity needs.

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Atempo has been at the forefront of technological development in this domain for over 10 years where volume COUNTS and performance matterS

With Atempo, your content will be protected and remain accessible—not only during the editing process, but also for posterity in long-term archives. 

ADA protects and preserves digital content from the moment it enters the workflow until decades after the finished work is archived. ADA detects newly ingested raw footage and immediately protects it. Editors maintain a rapid and secure working access to these files. Flexible archive and retrieval mechanisms, with or without a MAM, allow access from all points in the workflow—to and from virtually any storage system; any workstation; any archive media.

In addition to pure backup and archiving, Digital Archive also delivers file synchronization between two storage devices and data replication between two sites. Your precious HD/4K/8K assets now have a fully comprehensive insurance!


We are excited to be showcasing Atempo-Digital Archive at BVE 2018 with Global Distribution.