Atempo and the rise of petascale archiving

The past decade has been a period of massive change for media workflows. From early digital through to HD and the current rise of 4K and 8K formats. Data volumes have grown exponentially with some larger budget films in excess of 1 PB of raw data.

Storage and archives have become a central element of M&E workflows: whatever your MAM, whatever storage devices you use. The archive is no longer a dusty storage room filled with videotapes or film; it is part of the daily workflow and plays an essential role in the creation of new content.

Atempo has been at the forefront of technological development in this domain for over 10 years. We are excited to be showcasing our M&E solution, Atempo-Digital Archive at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas this April.



Open archive and backup software

Atempo-Digital Archive (ADA) handles massive volumes of digital content with automatic, end-user and workflow-triggered archiving for rich media content. ADA copies, moves or migrates content from primary storage to nearline and deep archives, to vendor-agnostic digital tape, disk, cloud storage or object storage. ADA provides rich search and retrieval capabilities—from a drag-and-drop user interface to stub files to metadata search. The use of open formats means files remain accessible for decades to come.

Atempo-Digital Archive protects and preserves digital content from the moment it enters the workflow until decades after the finished work is archived for long-term preservation. ADA can detect newly ingested raw footage and immediately archive it, while leaving the files in place for editors to use. For preservation projects, ADA scales to archive several terabytes of content per hour, so you can preserve historical works while they’re still readable. Flexible archive and retrieval mechanisms, with or without a MAM, allow access from all points in the workflow—to and from virtually any storage system, any workstation, and any archive media.

Schedule a meeting with our team in Las Vegas on April 9 - 12 to learn more about how ADA can handle today’s workloads and how we scale with volume and technology changes.


Exhibit April 9-12th - LAS VEGAS
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We are excited to be showcasing our Digital Archive solution at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas.

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