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Automated virtual environment backup to disk, tape or deduplicated storage.

Rapid data recovery for minimum downtime


Every company has their own idea about data protection. What should be protected, how often should backups run, where the data should be stored (on-site off-site) and how long to keep the data?

Atempo's Tina (Time Navigator) software answers all these questions. You protect virtual and physical machines with the same concept: automated backup to disk, tape or deduplicated storage with rapid recovery in all cases. 

Backup is only half of the data protection story. When it comes to restoring precious data, you can rely on Time Navigator with the simple restore interface to focus on your infrastructure and take the stress out of recovery. Search for data using wildcards, show modified files; you can even see files that have been deleted!

Working on different physical/virtual environments and operating systems? Using diverse storage destinations and varied retention times for your data? You can google the perfect solution. Allow us to save you some search time; you’ll find there is only one genuine candidate: Tina.



physical virtual data system and application protection

Physical or virtual?

That is the question! Increasingly, applications and systems are running on virtualized platforms.

Managing virtual and physical machine backups with a single solution can be challenging.  Conventional backup is fine for corporate applications with various recovery methods. But virtual machines are created all over the enterprise often without the knowledge of the IT departments. 

Tina can automatically ensure these VMs get protected without the need to deploy any additional agents.

Backup targets can be directed at VLS, VTL, deduplicated block storage including conventional tape.

simplified and certified restoration and recovery


TiNa knows exactly where the data is located whether on disk, deduplicated storage or tape so you don’t need to search through data sets or backup jobs.

When the pressure is on you can rely on Tina to restore in just 3 clicks:

  1. Select the data to restor

  2. Synchronize on backup date/time

  3. Restore.

Not exactly sure where to find the files? Simple, just use the search feature and let Tina present you with the choice.

express restart feature


Not all data needs to be restored in the same way. When virtual machine backup is directed to deduplication storage VMs can be restarted directly from the backup in a matter of minutes. 

The objective is to get VMs up and running as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

Using the same simple 3-click method existing backups are mounted and VM’s can be restarted making them available immediately to use while migrating back to production.

Tina is a standalone solution for VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Huawei FusionCompute. Using APIs for fast block-level incremental backups, Tina tracks every file, knowing exactly the location on the backup destination.

When it’s time to restore data, simply select the data to recover, sit back and let Tina handle the rest.

effective powerful deduplication


Atempo's deduplication hardware agnostic storage never ties you into a specific vendor. Our source based deduplication removes the repetitive information before sending it across the network and storing it block by block.

Not only will your backups run like a rocket, you will also save on storage.

Unlike other data protection software, when it comes to virtual machine backups our deduplication mechanism works globally, across ALL agents. Our deduplication solution:

  • greatly improves backup times,

  • reduces data sent across the network,

  • saves on backup storage space.


flexible storage


Whether you choose to backup your data to disk, tape or deduplicated storage, Atempo has the largest choice of storage destinations for your backups.

We also understand that moving data between disk and tape storage
(D2D2T) may be a requirement and
Tina keeps track of data so you don't need to.

Atempo’s new HyperVision Deduplication Storage (HVDS), dedicated to virtual machine backup, significantly improves backup performance and provides instant access for both the Windows and Linux VMs file-level restore.

intelligent and evolutive storage


Deciding on the right backup destination depending on the data protection needs just became a breeze. Tina provides targets to classic tape, disk and deduplication storage.

If deduplicated storage is the target, VM's can be restarted immediately.

Tina knows the exact position of data whether on tape, disk or deduplicated storage. 

Data lifecycle management can be managed through one central interface. 

Centralized reporting interfaces help you provision resources needed for future backups.


Please click the logo to read this story

Please click the logo to read this story

Virtual platform protection - Tina feature set:





Auto discovery of VMs Ensure VMs are protected
Incremental “forever” backup When backup window is just not big enough
Optional indexing of VM Protect only what is necessary
Agentless backup Reduce administration
Express Restart Almost zero downtime
View deleted files Go back in time and recover deleted files
3-click restore Restore centric with same method through intuitive restoration user interface
Large coverage for tape providers Optimize existing hardware
No reverse engineering Fully support manufacturer APIs

Physical platform protection - Tina feature set:



Full and incremental backup Conventional data backup
Complete Solution A single solution for all data protection needs
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SGI
Applications Exchange, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Novell, Oracle, Domino, SAP HANA
Storage manufacturers IBM, HP, Quantum …
Legacy Support Atempo maintains Tina versions for legacy platforms even when manufacturer drops support
Same Restoration Interfaces Easy learning curve for restore operations
3-click restore Restore centric with same straightforward methods through intuitive recovery user interfaces
View deleted files Go back in time and recover deleted files
Search for files Even ones that have been deleted